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Verbatim DS - Law Firm Business Transformation

Verbatim DS - Law Firm Business Transformation


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Enterprise 1 - Companies with 1-25 Employees-Renewal


Verbatim DS specializes in improving the operational performance of small law firms.  We became a new entity in the legal advisory market in 2017.

I specialized in legal operations for more than 20 years in Washington, DC, with a client list that includes many Am Law firms and federal regulatory agencies.  Now my focus is on small firms who, unlike their "big law" colleagues, have a distinct and significant advantage in creating new opportunities in the legal industry, which many firms are not taking full advantage of -- agility.   Transitioning to a lean, efficient, and more agile firm is an all-inclusive undertaking.  Business operations need to be efficient, repeatable, and easily scalable to profit from this advantage.

Over the years, legal consultants have not been a financially viable option for small firms.  What sets Verbatim DS apart is our performance-based fee structure, not an hourly rate or a fixed contract.  Performance-based fees are my company's investment in your firm's future growth.  We provide a cost-effective option to build a scalable business model for your firm that will deliver an in-depth analysis of your existing business operations and technology and create a transitional plan for a comprehensive operational "renovation" without disrupting the firm's day-to-day operations.

Verbatim DS focuses on navigating the increasingly sophisticated legal operations environment on behalf of your firm and provides you and your staff with high-quality streamlined processes, keen oversight, Cloud-based technology options, and end-to-end program management that can increase your firm's profits for many years to come.

Please contact me with questions or to schedule a time to meet.

Keith Conrad

941-271-1027 cell


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Enterprise 1 - Companies with 1-25 Employees-Renewal

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